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  • Improves quotation accuracy & consistency
  • Import wizard cleans customer drawings fast
  • Calculates part area, cut distance, and pierces
  • Automatic nesting gives material requirement
  • Works with existing software and workflows
  • Customizable CSV export for MRP integration
  • Export cleaned parts, nests and production reports

World’s Most Efficient Nesting

Why not check out our powerful NestFab automatic nesting product. The world's most efficient nesting software that just gets the job done.

QuoteFab Integrations

Idronic Pty has completed an integration of QuoteFab with RanFab, their outstanding business management solution aimed at sheet metal fabricators and profile cutters. Our partnership with Idronic is now well-established and the integrations with CutQuote, RanFab and LaserQuote are going from strength to strength. Click here for additional information and a video of the integration with LaserQuote.

CutQuote – 24/7 Online Quoting

We are delighted to announce the release of our new innovative online quoting service CutQuote which enables profile cutters to produce consistent, accurate and profitable quotes with the fastest turnaround time possible.

CutQuote provides unique features not available in any other online quoting system including interactive and flexible CAD importer that doesn't force you to go to extremes to make drawings "compatible", true-shape automatic nesting on our secure servers for accurate material requirements and completely customisable costing parameters and profit targets to ensure consistency and professionalism across all sales staff within an organisation. Secondary processes (such as folding), BOMs and subcontract operations are also supported.

See it in action in the video below:

Affordable Pricing

We accept payments by PayPal, credit cards or wire transfer. After purchasing you will be issued with a serial code that unlocks the software for permanent use. Start saving time and money with QuoteFab today!

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Have Questions?

We are committed to providing the best nesting solutions at the most competitive prices. We constantly improve our products and always aim to act upon user feedback to produce even better software. Get in contact to us by email at or speak to an advisor on +44 115 9792555. We will be happy to discuss all aspects of the software and answer any questions about its suitability for your organization.